REALTOR® Training

Buying and Selling Historic Properties COURSE

With Austin's fast-paced growth rapidly changing the face of our built environment, many Austinites wonder if the place they treasure most will be lost forever. Is it possible to grow while retaining our sense of place? Preservationists have long maintained that new development and historic places can very successfully coexist and compliment one another, but getting to that point of understanding begins with reviewing the basic practice of historic preservation.

The purpose of the course is to enable REALTORS® to enhance their effectiveness in serving clients who consider buying or selling old houses.  This course is also open to homeowners who hope to better understand their old house.

This eight-hour course covers the history of Austin’s residential architecture, the processes and practices of historic preservation, special techniques for marketing and selling historic properties, design considerations for remodeling historic houses, and the economic effects of preservation.  With improved understanding of these topics, REALTORS® also will be able to more responsibly represent their profession in ongoing community dialogues about historic preservation issues. The curriculum for the course has been revised and updated to cover recent changes in preservation policy.

Although the day-long event is designed as a continuing education course for REALTORS® who will receive 8 hours of MCE credit, the public is also welcome to attend.

Past Presenters:

• Lin Team, former PA board member and old house real estate specialist
• Greg Smith, Architectural Historian, Texas Historical Commission
• Michael Oden, Economist, UT School of Architecture
• Tere O’Connell, restoration architect, former PA Board President
• Emily Little, FAIA, restoration architect and former PA board member
• Alyson McGee, Austin REALTOR®, PA Board member and former City of Austin Deputy Historic Preservation Officer
• Bob Ward, Real Estate Appraiser and Travis County Historic Commissioner