Waterloo Circle

The Waterloo Circle, our $1,000 annual giving level, is comprised of committed donors whose generous annual contributions help make our advocacy and programming efforts possible. Waterloo members gather twice a year at such special venues as the Pease Mansion, the Speaker’s Apartment at the State Capitol, and the Seaholm Power Plant. In addition, members receive special recognition in our newsletter and website, plus complimentary admission to the Historic Homes Tour.  Join Now!


Tim Cuppett & Marco Rini
McBee Family Foundation
David Wilson


Paula & Lee Aaronson
Suzanne Deal Booth
Sabrina Brown
Dr. Elizabeth Geddes-Bruce & Coleson Bruce
Clayton & Cora Bullock
Robert & Mimi Buzbee

Jim and Donna Byerlotzer
Clay & Karen Cary
Kent & Reenie Collins
Richard Craig
Samantha & Ty Davidson
Michael & Tracy DiLeo
John Donisi & Gina Hinojosa
Tara Dudley
Dillon & Cissie Ferguson
William & Regan Gammon
Eileen Gill & Kevin Pruitt
Clarke & Catherin Heidrick
Ann S. Graham & Arlen Johnson
Tom & Elizabeth Granger
Travis Greig
Susan Griffith & Curtis Fuelberg
James Hillhouse, IV
Chris & Abby Hendel
Meta Butler Hunt
Ken Johnson & Norma Yancey
Richard & Laura Kooris
Dennis & Jill McDaniel
Vanessa & Mac McElwrath
Lori Martin & Stacey Fellers
Peter Flagg Maxson & John C. R. Taylor III
Alyson McGee & Mark Wolfe
Emily Moreland
George & Carole Nalle, III
Patrick & Julie Oles, Jr.
Mary Paver
Dewitt & Jane Peart
Joe Pinnelli
Ian Reddy & Angela Reed
Blake Smith
Charles Aubrey Smith, Jr.
Mickie Spencer
Jill & Stephen Wilkinson
Michael Strutt
Lance & Alyson Stumpf
Matt & Kara Swinney
Geoffrey Wellen
Patricia Winston & Bill Head
Marvin & Eva Womack
Caroline Wright

Mary Helen Walcutt