Compare Gift Options

Bequests to PA

A bequest is a transfer of a specific amount of funds directed in a will or the allocation of a percentage of a residuary estate to PA.

Beneficiary of Retirement Plan

PA may be designated to receive all or part of a retirement plan after death. Retirement plans are subject to significant estate and income taxation upon passing to heirs. Transferring a retirement plan to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization such as PA would allow the organization to receive all of the plan’s value free of taxes.

Beneficiary of Life Insurance

PA may be designated to receive all or part of the proceeds of a life insurance policy. This may be achieved by requesting a beneficiary designation form from the insurance carrier.

Stock Gifts

Gifting of stock to PA allows a donor to fully realize the value of the stock without negative tax consequences. PA has a brokerage account established, and a gift of stock should be coordinated with our Executive Director to ensure appropriate receipt and acknowledgement.

Other Planned Gifts

PA will work with a donor or their estate planning or financial professional to craft a specific gift plan.