Nov 30 2017

Jugging and Jawing: Historic Austin Happy Hour at Donn’s Depot

Thursday, November 30
Donn's Depot, 1600 West Fifth Street, 78703
5:30pm to 7pm

Join Preservation Austin at Donn’s Depot for our next Jugging and Jawing: Historic Austin Happy Hour! This honky-tonk piano bar in Old West Austin opened in 1972, operating out of a more than 100-year-old train depot its original owners moved here from McNeil, a tiny railroad stop just northwest of Austin. A year later they threw a refrigerator car, caboose, and parlor car into the mix, setting the stage for a gloriously eclectic atmosphere unlike anything else in town. Pianist Donn Adelman purchased the bar with wife Arleen in 1978, and decades later their family business remains legendary for its live music, neighborhood feel, and welcoming regulars. Donn’s will decked out for the holidays, so come on down to raise glass to this iconic bar and learn more about the personalities and stories that’ve made it what it is today.

Presented in partnership with the University of Texas Historic Preservation Student Association, this series celebrates iconic watering holes citywide. Each event features a different venue that’s either been in operation for 30+ years, or that occupies a space that’s housed a long line of venerable drinking establishments. Some prominent, and some out-of-the-way, these places have helped shape Austin’s character for decades. Each tells a unique story about our history and the diverse cultures that make our city so great.