Your Input Needed: Cultural Tourism Plan Survey

Calling all Austin residents! The City of Austin wants to know “What makes Austin a unique destination?” Your survey responses will help the City tell the story of the diverse people, places, and traditions that set our city apart as it creates a new Cultural Tourism plan!   The city  wants to see Austin’s art and culture through your eyes. Think about your authentic Austin experiences, from the distinctive neighborhoods to the memorable ncounters. Consider the well-known, the tried-and-true, as well as the hidden gems. Think about the places you most enjoy visiting and the unique events you can’t wait to share with your closest friends.

• The survey consists of 5 questions and should take you approximately 5 minutes.

• “Culture” can mean many things. The definition of culture for this survey is very broad and includes the fine arts, live music, film, cultural heritage, folk arts & crafts, historical sites, and cuisine.

• There are no “right” or “wrong” answers – they want your genuine responses.

• If you can’t think of an answer, that’s okay, too!

Click Here to take the survey.