Why I Became a Preservation Austin’s First Sustaining Member

- Sarah Burleson, Education Committee

I was thrilled when I heard Preservation Austin was launching a Sustaining Membership program… but I didn’t know I would be the first one to sign up! Having the option to make a monthly gift allows me to make a larger impact with my giving throughout the year, which is important to me. I love knowing I am helping Preservation Austin “Save the Good Stuff” AND am super proud to sport my new tote bag around town! I have visited most of the iconic landmarks featured and plan to check the others off my list soon. The tote is a great conversation starter and a fun way to share more about Preservation Austin’s mission. I hope you will join me as a Sustaining Member and encourage your friends and family to as well! Together, we will help Preservation Austin make sure that as Austin continues to grow and change, our local heritage and history are not only protected, but shared and enjoyed!

Join Sarah and our growing crew of Sustaining Members by upgrading your Preservation Austin membership today! For more on this new program, and our exclusive Sustaining Members totes, see our FAQ page HERE.