‘Remarkably intact’ historic home in North University in line for demolition

A demolition permit has been filed for a home in good condition that dates back to the 1920s in North University.

The property in jeopardy is 107 E. 31st St., described by the Historic Preservation Office of Austin as such: “The house appears to be remarkably intact and represents a classic, if not fancy, example of a working-class bungalow."

Staff goes on to say, however, that if rehabilitation and adaptive re-use are not feasible, they must recommend the release of the permit upon completion of a City of Austin Documentation Package.

The item was postponed in the March 28th Historic Landmark Commission meeting.

The property is located on a bus route which heads down Speedway thru Hyde Park and North University and into the University of Texas. The corridor has numerous apartment complexes and light commercial properties, making the lot a coveted corridor for adding density.

There is a small, Victorian home next door that, should this home be torn down to make room for a small-scale apartment complex, would be sandwiched between multi-family units and in all likelihood next on the list to go: 

As for 107 E. 31st, the staff recommendation is for "adaptive re-use and preservation of the house if possible.” The small footprint, at just over 1,000 square feet, is a candidate to be moved and placed on a larger lot. By moving and preserving the house instead of demolition, it would not only keep a well-built house out of the landfill, but also serve as an affordable place for a family to live in Central Austin.

Property owners interested in building a back house could possibly save money by moving and rehabilitating the structure, rather than designing and building a new structure from scratch. 

Unless someone steps up with interest in saving this structure, however, it's likely destination is the landfill. 

It's not the only historic property in serious jeopardy however. Click here to view the entire list of May demolition permits of historic structures requested.