Preservation Austin’s 2019 Legislative Agenda

Preservation Austin's Board of Directors has adopted the following advocacy priorities for the 2019 Texas Legislature’s Regular Session. Additional priorities may be added in the months ahead as legislation is filed and other issues of local and statewide importance are identified. Preservation Austin will work with partners and other organizations to monitor, and support or oppose legislation that impacts historic preservation.


Support Texas Historical Commission and its Programs:

  • The Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program including $35 million in funding
  • Preservation Needs at State Historic Sites including funding for the French Legation
  • State Heritage Tourism Programs including an additional $500,000 in funding
  • Provide increased staffing levels to successfully implement the various THC programs and adequately staff historic sites.

Support restoration of funding for the Texas Commission on the Arts' Cultural District Grant Program.


Protect state landmarks including the Austin State Hospital

Protect the 15% HOT funds for historic preservation and the arts

Protect state historic preservation tax credits for both for-profit and nonprofit owned historic properties.  Add state historic tax credit language into the insurance tax legislation. Ensure that tax credits continue to incentivize restoration of significant historic buildings, as well as the creation of affordable housing as part of revitalization efforts in Austin and cities across Texas. 


Defend municipal authority to determine local historic preservation needs/policies. Oppose bills that limit cities’ abilities to perform historic preservation, planning, zoning and other activities related to preservation and sustainability and that erode local authority of cities to govern their own affairs.


Monitor legislative action that impacts the non-profit sector such as tax exemptions, regulatory efforts and the like.