New Preservation Program Manager

As the new Preservation Program Manager for Preservation Austin, I am excited for this opportunity to introduce myself to our members.  Having been an active member of the Heritage Society/ Preservation Austin since 2006, I consider myself fortunate to now work daily in this office toward Austin’s preservation goals. 

As a Preservation Austin member  I attended the parties, volunteered for committees, signed up for workshops to learn tips to restore my own historic house, and felt the thrill of stepping into an historic building that was otherwise off-limits outside of an Explore Austin’s Landmark Tour.  I learned through the course of my membership, however, that Preservation Austin is much more than parties and tours.  While the events are highlights of membership, Preservation Austin also takes on the hard work of preservation – what I call the “meat and potatoes” of the organization - with generous guidance and support from our board members and the Preservation Committee in particular.  We take a stand to save Austin’s historic resources even when it is not popular to do so; we meet with property owners, City Council members, developers and planners and we offer our informed, collective opinions on development issues that affect our city’s historic fabric.  We win some and, sadly, we lose some, and Preservation Austin often takes the heat when no one else can.

I am an Austinite since 1993, a graduate from NYU in the field of urban and public history, and previously worked in the historic preservation field while with the Historic Sites Program of Texas Parks and Wildlife.  I am immensely proud to be a staff member of  Preservation Austin, working toward goals I believe in, in the city I call home.  My promise to you - our members - is that I will strive for excellence in my part with Preservation Austin to make Austin a great place to live; for its beauty, its history, its culture and its livability.  I promise to continue to engage and empower our membership through volunteer and committee opportunities.  And I promise to continue throwing fabulous parties in unique historic buildings so we can all take a step back now and then to celebrate our city’s treasures.

I hope to meet you all soon at one of the special events we have in store! – By Angela Reed