City Council Election Questionnaire

Preservation Austin requested responses from all 2014 Council and Mayoral candidates about their position on preservation in Austin. In an effort to educate our members and interested citizens, we have listed links below to the candidates’ responses to our questionnaire.  If the candidate for your district is not represented here, it is because a response to our questionnaire was not received.

Preservation Austin does not endorse any Council candidates.

For more information about the November 2014 10-1 election candidates, visit the Hall Monitor.

Mike Martinez
Sheryl Cole

District One
Andrew Bucknall
Ora Houston

District Two
Delia Garza
John Sheppard

District Three
Sabino Pio Renteria
Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla
Eric Rangel

District Six
Jimmy Flannigan

District Seven
Jeb Boyt
Leslie Pool

District Nine
Kathie Tovo
Chris Riley

District Ten
Mandy Dealey

Changeaustin.org included a specific question about the historic tax exemption for landmark properties, question #12.   If you would like to see their responses to this question, click on the candidate's name and scroll to question #12, here:  changeaustin.org/council-election.