Tejano Walking & Music Legends Trails

by Lori Renteria The Tejano Healthy Walking Trail and Trail of Tejano Music Legends are currently being developed for east Austin.  A labor of love by 30+ volunteers, the Tejano Healthy Walking Trail was designed and created by... Read More »


The Festival and The City: A Dubious Romance

By Nathaniel Muhler and Meg Frisbie (The following was originally printed in the PA newsletter in July 2010.  It is an abridged version of a full study). As the City of Austin negotiates a Downtown Austin Plan (DAP) with the McCa... Read More »


Remembering the Fake Alamo

by Nancy Semin-Lingo Cinema is one of the most transformative mediums of this century. It shapes who we are and how we view the world.  But while Hollywood memorabilia has become a billion dollar industry, little interest exists fo... Read More »