Call to Action: Ask Your CM to Support Preservation Funding in 2016-2017

Last week Preservation Austin found out that two important items the preservation community had advocated for including in the City's 2016-2017 budget – a new Parks and Recreation Department staff position to coordinate and manage historic resources, and $300,000 for the next phase of the citywide cultural resource survey – were cut by the City Manager from the final budget submitted to Council. (Note: these items were included by the departments in their budget requests).

Preservation Austin has sent a letter to the Mayor and Council asking them to put those items back into the budget, and we're asking our community to do the same.

Both items would have a major impact on our city's historic resources. The PARD position would oversee such important sites as historic cemeteries and historic structures at pools like Barton Springs and Deep Eddy. The second phase of the survey, a crucial planning tool, would identify historic resources and potential historic districts. This initiative, the first phase of which is being implemented this year in East Austin, must move forward given the rapid pace of new development. For perspective, the last citywide historic resource survey was conducted over thirty years ago, and only documented buildings constructed before 1935!

At this point in the budget process Council members will need request to add the items back in, which has to be done by August 22. Many Council members have expressed support for both items in the past but will need to hear from you that these items are wanted.

Please reach out to your Council member today! Securing funding for both the PARD position and the second phase of the survey are crucial to moving preservation efforts forward in our city.


Mayor Steve Adler: steve.adler@austintexas.gov
CM Ora Houston: ora.houston@austintexas.gov
CM Delia Garza: delia.garza@austintexas.gov
CM Pio Renteria: sabino.renteria@austintexas.gov
CM Greg Casar: gregorio.casar@austintexas.gov
CM Ann Kitchen: ann.kitchen@austintexas.gov
CM Don Zimmerman: don.zimmerman@austintexas.gov
CM Leslie Pool: leslie.pool@austintexas.gov
CM Ellen Troxclair: ellen.troxclair@austintexas.gov
CM Kathie Tovo: kathie.tovo@austintexas.gov
CM Sheri Gallo: sheri.gallo@austintexas.gov

Not sure of your district? Check the city's website here.