Blue Bonnet Hills Goes Before City Council Oct. 8

The proposed Blue Bonnet Hills Local Historic District in Travis Heights goes before City Council for its second, and potentially final, reading on Thursday, October 8. This caps off a nearly ten-year effort by advocates seeking to take control of their neighborhood’s future by preserving its historic character and defining the look and feel of new development. The district has already been approved by the Historic Landmark Commission and the Planning Commission; if approved by Council, Blue Bonnet Hills would become South Austin’s first local historic district and just the fourth one citywide.

Blue Bonnet Hills’ organizers have overcome significant obstacles to get to this point but their success is far from assured. Preservation Austin believes in their efforts and has supported them thus far; if you feel the same way, we strongly encourage you to do the same! Please email your Council Member telling them to vote “YES” to establish the Blue Bonnet Hills Local Historic District. Just a few lines will show that you support such meaningful efforts to preserve our city’s heritage.

Local historic designation is the only tool that Austinites have to control demolition throughout our neighborhoods. However, our local historic district program, established just eleven years ago in 2004, already lags far behind our peer cities. If Blue Bonnet Hills fails, it would be a significant setback for the program as a whole and negatively effect future efforts to zone districts elsewhere. Austin needs to move forward and not backward on the preservation front and Blue Bonnet Hills could be the turning point in either direction.

Contact your Council Member today! Key talking points include:

  • The Blue Bonnet Hills Historic District would honor and protect this iconic South Austin neighborhood, one of the few intact pre-WWII neighborhoods that we have left.
  • This would be South Austin’s first local historic district, making its historic zoning designation an historic event in itself.
  • The district’s advocates and organizers have consistently gone above and beyond to make this a transparent process, and to prove that the required 51% of residents support this historic zoning.

Council is not accepting public comment at the meeting itself so this is your chance to make your voice heard. Thank you for taking a few minutes to support historic preservation in Austin!

Contact Information for Mayor and Council:

Mayor Steve Adler: steve.adler@austintexas.gov
CM Ora Houston: ora.houston@austintexas.gov
CM Delia Garza: delia.garza@austintexas.gov
CM Pio Renteria: sabino.renteria@austintexas.gov
CM Greg Casar: gregorio.casar@austintexas.gov
CM Ann Kitchen: ann.kitchen@austintexas.gov
CM Don Zimmerman: don.zimmerman@austintexas.gov
CM Leslie Pool: leslie.pool@austintexas.gov
CM Ellen Troxclair: ellen.troxclair@austintexas.gov
CM Kathie Tovo: kathie.tovo@austintexas.gov
CM Sheri Gallo: sheri.gallo@austintexas.gov

Not sure of your district? Check the city's website here.