2018 Candidate Questionnaires: Is Preservation a Priority for Your Candidate?

Austin's Mayor and City Council play pivotal roles in shaping local preservation policies and outcomes. This might seem obvious, perhaps, but the list includes appointing Historic Landmark Commissioners; designating funding for historic resource surveys and Historic Preservation Office staff; approving historic zoning for both individual landmarks and local historic districts; and more. As a city, and as a preservation community, it's crucial that we have our elected officials' support for meaningful preservation efforts in the coming years.

The mayor’s office, along with five city council seats (Districts 1, 3, 5, 8 and 9), are in play this year. Preservation Austin has requested that each candidate answer the following questionnaire outlining their positions on various preservation issues. If candidates are not represented here, it is because we have not received their responses.

Early voting begins OCTOBER 22 and Election Day is Tuesday, NOVEMBER 6.

OCTOBER 9 is the last day to register. Register, find polling places, and more HERE.



Mayor's Office

Steve Adler
Laura Morrison

District 1

Lewis Conway, Jr.
Vincent Harding
Natasha Harper-Madison

District 3

No responses.

District 5

No responses.

District 8

Rich DePalma
Bobby Levinski

District 9

Danielle Skidmore
Kathie Tovo