Texas Governor’s Mansion

PA Applauds New Direction for Mansion Proposal

PA commends the State Preservation Board for withdrawing the original proposed plan for a major addition to the north of the Mansion. To the SPB’s credit, its respected project leader Dealey Herndon and staff now have embraced a gratifying inclusive process that has produced alternative schemes that address earlier concerns, and provide absolutely necessary facilities updates along with enhancement of the First Family’s living quarters. PA appreciates the sharing of those alternatives with the preservation community. Interestingly, those design alternatives borrow from architectural roots from the Mansion’s past.

Preservation Austin applauds the change of direction in the proposals for the Mansion. With authority for final plan decisions in the hands of the SPB and the THC, PA will watch with interest and confidence that they will provide a solution worthy of this historic icon that will continue to be the pride of future Texans. We look to these agencies’ dedicated staff and their talented team of consultants to create a restored Mansion that stays true to the values we advocate of honoring its past and maintaining distinction in its future.

PA is grateful to the many citizens in Austin and across Texas who have joined in giving their passion and resources in caring about the People’s house.