Local Historic District Support

Local historic districts are the most powerful planning tool neighborhoods have to preserve their heritage and guide future growth. Expanding Austin’s local historic district program is a core focus of our nonprofit’s advocacy, so that more Austinites can share in the benefits that districts bring.

To learn the differences between local historic districts and National Register historic districts, see our “Historic Designations: What’s the Difference?” guide HERE.

The City of Austin’s Historic Preservation Office administers the local historic district program, established here in 2004. Local historic districts are a common zoning category used in cities nationwide to protect neighborhoods and significant groups of buildings. Contact Deputy Historic Preservation Officer Cara Bertron at 512-974-1446 for information on how to start the historic zoning process.

Preservation Austin supports communities seeking local historic district status in a number of ways:
• Free local historic district workshops on an annual basis.
• One-on-one guidance to help advocates navigate the zoning process.
• Matching grant program that can help cover the cost of historic surveys and district applications.
• Submitting letters of support and testimony for zoning cases under review by the Historic Landmark Commission, Planning Commission, and City Council.

Contact Executive Director Kate Singleton at 512-474-5198 ext. 7728 or director@preservationaustin.org for details on how Preservation Austin can support your neighborhood’s local historic district efforts.

For information on our grant program, which can help cover the costs of becoming a local historic district, see our programs page HERE.

Support these vital efforts, and our ability to provide technical and financial support to our community, by becoming a Preservation Austin member HERE.