Advocacy Tools

Welcome to Preservation Austin’s new Advocacy Toolkit! This collaborative project between our Education and Preservation Committees seeks to provide the tools you need to advocate for our historic buildings and neighborhoods. We’ll translate intimidating jargon, give step-by-step guides to navigating city processes, and provide resources on how to do everything from searching for active permits to contacting you City Council member.

This is an ongoing initiative so check back for new resources over the coming months. And if you have questions that we haven’t answered, contact Executive Director Lindsey Derrington at to suggest new tools that we can develop to make advocating for our heritage easier for all of us.

How to Contact Your Representatives
Find contact information for local, state, and federal representatives HERE.

Who Owns It, How's It Zoned?
Search for active permits along with property ownership and zoning information HERE.

How to Attend an HLC Meeting: Step By Step for the Layperson 
Attending Historic Landmark Commission meetings can be intimidating. Here’s how it works.

All These Acronyms: What Do They Mean?
Drowning in a sea of COAs, PUDs, and NMTCs? We’ve got you covered HERE.

Historic Designations: What’s the Difference?
Learn the difference to between local, state, and national historic designations and the ways in which they impact historic properties HERE.

Researching Your Building's History: Online Resources Coming Soon!
Easy-to-use resources for researching Austin’s cultural and architectural history.